SA Irrigation & Pool Shop

We have been established since 1992. Our dedicated work is based on honesty, trustworthiness and perfection. Our aim is to be at your service professionally and to build a lasting relationship with each and every customer.

Me & StuartWe strive to make “YOU” the customer” happy. We originally started our business in Pretoria, we then moved down to Cape Town in 1996 and have continued to run our fast growing business due to satisfaction from our customers.

We have since opened our own shop and continue to offer all of our clients the best of our knowledge and experience that we have achieved over the years. We are a Husband and a Wife who run the business, therefore you will receive excellent service, quality and can deal with us directly.

One special quality of ours is AFTER SALES SERVICE which you don’t seem to get nowadays. All our pumps, filters, chlorinators etc come with a 1year guarantee. Should there be any “Factory” fault on any of our products, it will be replaced – free of charge. That is what AFTER SALES SERVICE is all about.

Should there be any queries about any of our products, information or what so ever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like to thank those customers who have used, and continue to use our services over the past years and look forward to working with the many more to come. Please feel free to browse our website.